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I believe in


My mission is to help you live a more BOLD and fulfilling life.

I specialize in helping you identify the "blind spots” that hold you back so that you can make clear and courageous choices.

My work is deeply spiritual AND extremely practical. People come to me when they want real solutions to obtain more peace, more confidence and more power.

My professional work has largely been influenced by my research, and first-hand experiences in India, Peru, Africa, Asia, Europe and Bali.

But, it was my grandmother who first introduced me to the idea of limitless possibility.

It happened the day after she passed.

Yes, after she passed.

It was late at night, when things had finally calmed down after a long chaotic day of funeral planning. I'd never seen the grown ups in my family cry and fuss so much.

I was too young to reconcile "the end."

But I remember waking up in the silence. "Something" felt different in my room and, to my surprise, my grandma was standing in her pale blue gown by my bed.

Just as I was about to shout her name, she placed her finger over her lips, and whispered "Shhhhhhhh." Then quietly she said, "Tell them I am happy here."

At that moment, I learned I could do incredible things in life--even see grandma again.

But, in order to lead incredible lives, we must improve the way we see challenges and improve what we believe.

That part I learned the hard way.

See, when I was 24, my father died a very tragic death. By that time, I had graduated from Oberlin College, moved to New York, and was well on my way up the ladder of success. Sadly, I relinquished all my spiritual gifts including the mystical "experience" grandma gave me.

Logic was my trusted guide until the day I got that deadly call.

The way they found my father's lonely body crushed me. It was cruel and made no sense to me at all.

I tried to eat away the pain that was viciously eating at me and I gained 67 self-hating pounds.

Chronically depressed, I tried to drown my sorrows with alcohol which ultimately led me to homeless freezing streets.

They call it a "dark night of the soul." And, unfortunately, I had used the last bit of light within me to burn every bridge.

All alone, living in an abandoned van, I was dying in darkness.

But as my spirit was leaving my body, I realized we get to choose.


So, I chose to fight…for my life.

I fought thru that overdose and I fought my way back to my spiritual gifts.

And I’m here to remind you that as long as you are breathing, there is still time for you to choose something new.

Choice by choice, I rose from settling for life in that abandoned van to living boldly, consulting on TV, traveling, and speaking around the world.

For over 15 years, I have impacted thousands of people, teaching on stages, on air, in private sessions, and even on their yoga mats, guiding them to their bold inner selves.

Your inner power is real. And when you consciously harness and direct it, you can live in a state of real joy and true freedom.

Today could be your chance. Your chance to stand boldly in this world.

You don't have to do it alone.